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Posted by: Look Local on 05/01/2017

Gardening tips for January

Gardening tips for January

With hotter days settled in, the last thing most of us probably feel like doing is gardening. However, a neglected garden will mean more work down the track, so it’s best to keep on top of things where possible.

Here’s our list of top jobs to complete in the garden this month:

  • Vegetables that can be planted in January include beans, beetroot, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, leek, lettuce, radish, rhubarb, shallots, silverbeet, spring onion and turnip.
  • Roses should be pruned by one-third to promote flowering in autumn.
  • Remove any dead leaves from tropical plants such as palms, cordyline, strelitzia, ginger and bromeliad, as well as strappy plants such as kangaroo paw.
  • Cover peaches and nectarines with bird-netting to protect the fruit. If you have apple and pear trees, now is the time to thin out the fruit.
  • Cut and dry out herbs for use during winter.
  • Keep an eye on water gardens and ponds, as water levels can get low due to evaporation. Aquatic plants can become overgrown and also require thinning at this time of year.
  • Fertilise all of your garden beds with a dynamic lifter.
  • Encourage summer lettuce to grow quickly by watering each week with Aquasol. This will help prevent the lettuce going to seed.
  • Water your garden early in the morning while the temperature is lowest. This will help allow maximum absorption of the water.
  • Prevent seeds forming on agapanthus by removing spent flowers.
  • If you have a worm farm, check it regularly to ensure it does not dry out.
  • Prune native shrubs that have finished flowering to help make them bushier.

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