Posted on 11/10/2018

Artist draws on trades background

Artist draws on trades background

Artist Sam Bloor was inspired by a previous career in the trades industry for his work at an upcoming Heathcote Cultural Precinct exhibition.

The West Leederville resident, who has a studio in Fremantle, is among seven artists handpicked for the yearly Heathcote Select exhibition by curator Jana Braddock.

Mr Bloor said he was notified of his selection for the exhibition about 10 months ago, around the same time that he graduated from his Curtin University Bachelor of Fine Arts course.

“I previously worked as a poly welder and my interest for this series of works was in line markings for oil, gas and water,” he said.

“I find it interesting that those markings when they are done by a tradesman, are higher paid (but have) lesser cultural value but if it's done by an artist then it’s the opposite.

“We elevate the artistic value and there is a push and pull between the arts and the trades.

“For the exhibition, I used line marking tools and domestic paint.”

Mr Bloor said the exhibition was an exciting opportunity to showcase his work as an emerging artist.

The exhibition opens on Friday, October 19 and features fellow artists Elham Eshraghian, Sharon Callow, Sophie La Maitre, Olivia Ryan, Rob Kettels, and Stephanie De Biasi.