Print Posted on 02/02/2017

Gardening jobs for February

Gardening jobs for February

We’ve just entered the last month of summer, with hot days interspersed with some slightly cooler weather and a little bit of rain for good measure. Now is the time to ensure your garden is prepared for the change of weather that will inevitably come as we head into autumn and winter.

Here’s our list of jobs you should aim to complete in the garden this month:

  • Make sure to check your vegetable and herb garden every day for insects and caterpillars.
  • If you have passionfruit vines, make sure to trim them regularly to promote growth of fruit.
  • Continue to mulch your garden beds to preserve any moisture that comes their way.
  • Plant daisies in your garden to attract bees, which will in turn help pollinate your other plants.
  • Those with Bougainvilleas should trim them lightly after flowering to encourage more blooms.
  • Fertilise your lawn regularly to reduce the risk of fungal diseases.
  • Vegetables to plant in February include: lettuce, broccoli, Brussels sprout, cabbage, cauliflower, peas, radish, shallot and silverbeet.
  • Flowers to plant in February include: begonia, cornflower, pansy, salvia, statice, stock, sweet pea, verbena and hollyhock.
  • Feed citrus trees with citrus food every two weeks and top up mulch over root systems.
  • If you missed your chance to lay new lawn in spring, late February is the next best time as the heat of summer draws to an end.
  • Start thinking about which bulbs you’d like to plant for some colour come springtime.

For more information or advice, contact your local garden specialist.