Posted on 11/07/2017

Getting your spa ready for winter

Getting your spa ready for winter

If you are lucky enough to have a spa in your home, chances are it may be getting used more during winter than summer as you try to find ways to keep warm in the chilly months. It’s probably also likely that if you also have a pool, your spa may have been neglected over summer as you and your family opted for dips in the cool pool water over soaking in a warm tub.

Whatever the reason, it’s vital to ensure your spa water is clean and healthy, and that your equipment is running correctly, before using your spa this winter.

Here are our top tips on getting your spa ready for winter:

  • First things first – drain your spa to get rid of any dormant water.
  • Once you’ve drained the water, you’ll need to give your spa a good clean and polish, preferably using a heavy-duty alkaline surface cleaner. Scrub the walls and all surfaces to ensure you are removing any built-up scum, bacteria or algae.
  • Refill your spa and then add a clarifying agent. Let the water circulate for 10 minutes.
  • Next, you’ll need to check the chlorine, bromine and pH levels of the water. Chlorine residual should be at 2-3ppm, bromine at 4-6ppm and pH at about 7.5.
  • You should also check that the total alkalinity is between 80-150 and calcium hardness is between 175-225.
  • Throughout the cooler months, drain the water completely, clean your spa and check the levels once every three or four months. You should also remove and replace about 30% of the water every three to four weeks.
  • If your spa is not being used at all, make sure to add sanitizer every day.