Posted on 29/03/2017

Handy tips for growing succulents

Handy tips for growing succulents

If you want a colourful, healthy garden but don’t have a green thumb and manage to kill everything you plant, it might be worth giving succulents a go. 

Thriving on minimal water, succulents are growing in popularity and make a fashionable and versatile addition to all types of gardens.

Here’s some handy tips to help get you on your way:

  • Succulents can be grown in the ground or in containers, such as pots or terrariums. If you are planning on using a glass jar or other glass vessel for your succulents, ensure they are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized first to avoid any bacteria harming your plant.
  • Succulents love sunshine but require little water, so plant them in those spots that other plants are not suited to.
  • If you are planning to keep your succulent indoors, make sure it is sitting in a spot where it will receive sunlight.
  • Well-drained soil is required for succulents. They will absorb only the water they need and the rest needs to drain away.
  • Succulents usually do not require any fertilizer, but you can fertilize potted succulents to help them restore any nutrients that may leach out.
  • The best time to plant succulents is in autumn and spring.
  • Do not overwater your succulents – once every few weeks is enough during the warmer months. In winter, you shouldn’t need to water them at all.
  • Succulents are susceptible to aphids if they are not looked after. You can use an organic spray to help control this.
  • If you are planting in an enclosed vessel, place pebbles at the bottom before you add soil. This will allow extra water to drain.
  • Succulents are easy to propagate, so once yours has grown to a decent size, use it to grow more elsewhere in the garden.