Posted on 09/08/2017

Storm damage – what next?

Storm damage – what next?

With the recent wild weather that has battered Perth, it’s possible that homes around the metropolitan area have suffered damage from strong winds and heavy rainfall.

According to Compare the Market, there are certain “events” that comprise storm damage from an insurer’s point of view. These are:

  • Storm – a severe atmospheric disturbance accompanied by strong winds, rain, lightning, hail, snow or dust.
  • Thunderstorms – these can bring lightning, hail, wind gusts and flash flooding. Extreme thunderstorms can often cause large damage to property as well as injury or death.
  • Lightning – often occurs during thunderstorms. Severe lightning can affect your property’s electricity network and even bring down powerlines.
  • Hail – hailstorms can be particularly destructive when it comes to anything made of glass, such as your car and house windows.
  • Rainwater – this includes water overflowing from stormwater drains.
  • Runoff – overflow from swimming pools, spas and tanks resulting from excess rainwater.
  • Storm surge – seawater rushing onshore due to strong winds or sea movements.
  • Land gales – powerful winds that can cause damage and injuries.

According to Compare the Market, your home and contents policy Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) will outline the events you will receive cover for.

If your home has been damaged in the recent storms, you should contact your insurance company as soon as possible, providing as much evidence of the damage as possible. Ensure you have receipts where possible, and lodge the claim as soon as you can.

It is recommended to review the terms and conditions of your policy on a regular basis to ensure your home is adequately covered for events that may occur where you live.