Posted on 07/11/2017

Top tips for creating a beautiful, low-maintenance garden

Top tips for creating a beautiful, low-maintenance garden

By Sara Fitzpatrick

We don’t all have the time – or inclination – to spend our weekends managing the garden.

But we sure want to look like we’re on top of things, right?

Jenny from Revell Landscaping shares her low-maintenance garden guide for a no fuss, appealing landscape.

Garden design

  • Do plenty of research to understand the year-round climate within your garden, including the type of soil, availability of land/water and sunlight it receives.
  • By thoroughly understanding the type of setting where you are gardening, you will be able to choose plants that will thrive with a little work on your part so you can sit back and enjoy the beauty.

Choose the right plants

  • Choose plants that look good all summer but don’t require deadheading.
  • Go for perennials or shrubs that live many years.
  • Don’t overcrowd your garden – the more plants you have, the more garden will require treatment and attention.
  • Group plants according to their requirements – those that require more/less sun and water should be planted together.
  • Select plants that are slow growers as they will need less pruning.

Mulch away!

  • Mulch keeps the soil moist.
  • Eliminates weeds around your garden beds.
  • Provides plants with a number of nutrients they need.
  • You can also cover the soil with pebble and gravel which work as a mulch and make your garden more attractive.


  • An automatic irrigation system will free up time you might have spent watering your garden

Get rid of the lawn

  • If you want a truly low-care garden, avoid lawn altogether and design a rock garden, patio or something unique.