Posted on 12/04/2017

Top tips for improving the quality of your soil

Top tips for improving the quality of your soil

With ongoing water restrictions and the changing climate, we should all be trying to find ways to become more waterwise around the house and garden.

On top of watering only on our rostered days and not watering during winter, it is important to look at the quality of the soil in the garden. Good soil is the foundation of a waterwise garden - the healthier your soil, the more drought resistant your plants will be.

Thanks to the Water Corporation, here’s a list of top tips for improving the quality of your soil:

  • Apply a soil improver with a wetting agent at the start of winter rains, in early summer and as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • The easiest time to improve soil is when planting, when it can be thoroughly mixed with the top 30cm of soil.
  • Apply soil improver from the top to an established garden by spreading a layer of compost and then a layer of waterwise mulch.
  • Always water in wetting agents until they foam. This means they are activated and doing their job. To make the most of your wetting agent apply a soil improver and waterwise mulch.
  • Add organic matter, also known as compost for healthy plant growth.
  • Animal manures, worm farm residue, bagged soil improver and soil conditioners are all good sources of organic matter.
  • Add soil amendments, also called clays to improve water and nutrient holding capacity.