Posted on 17/02/2017

What types of lawn are best for Perth’s climate?

What types of lawn are best for Perth’s climate?

If you are looking to lay new turf in your garden, make sure you do your research first to ensure that you are buying the best type of lawn for Perth’s climate. WA has different soil conditions to other parts of Australia, so there are a few varieties of turf that will are better suited to our climatic conditions.

Here are five types of lawn that are best suited to Perth:

  • Sir Walter Buffalo – this type of lawn was cultivated and adapted as a tough buffalo turf specifically suited to the harsh Australian environment. Sir Walter is low maintenance, feels soft underfoot and is very easy to maintain. It also has a high tolerance to salt, which is ideal if you are watering from a bore; is low allergenic; and will grow well in both full sun and shade.
  • Kikuyu – this type of lawn is ideal for larger blocks and industrial areas. It requires little maintenance and will survive on little water once established. It also has a natural ability to stop weeds from overrunning it. It is frost tolerant and can tolerate high traffic levels. On the down side, Kikuyu can be invasive so it’s best contained within kerbing or paving.
  • Wintergreen Couch – this type of lawn is inexpensive compared to some others but is also high maintenance and invasive. Once established, it can be difficult to remove due to an extensive root system. Wintergreen Couch is attractive and hard wearing.
  • Buffalo – this type of lawn is tough and hard-wearing. It has high shade and drought tolerance and is soft to the touch. A low maintenance lawn, it requires less water than some other types of lawn and is also low allergenic. Buffalo also requires less mowing than other lawns.
  • Village Green Premium – this type of lawn has low upfront costs and is very hard wearing. On the down side, it is high maintenance and difficult to remove once established. It requires dethatching once a year.

Other things you should consider when choosing turf include:

  • Think about whether your lawn will be shaded or if it will receive direct sunlight in both the summer and winter months.
  • Water: With Perth water restrictions, you should choose a water-wise lawn, especially if you are covering a large surface area.
  • Will your lawn be simply decorative, or will you have children and pets running around on it on a regular basis?
  • Think about how much time you are willing to dedicate to watering and mowing your lawn. All types of lawn require maintenance, but some need more care and attention than others.

For more information, contact your local turf specialist.