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Edward Nee

Accredited Driver Instructor. Competitive price.

We provide the best driving instruction with accredited Driver Instructor for the south of Swam River areas. We have an honest and reliable driver instructor teaching Manual (and Auto) car. Our instructor can speaks multi-language such as Mandarin and Malay which will enhance the student learning progress and confidence.
Lesson Prices:
$60 for one hour
$110 for two hours
$150 for Lesson/Test (1 hour lesson before test)
$80 for test only (Meet at Licensing Branch 10 minutes before test)

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Edward Nee
10 Service Areas +

Victory Lane Driving Training

Driving lessons, Manual transmission, P Plates, Learner driver lessons, Driving test theory practical, Refresher driving lessons, Dual control cars, Driving test, L Plates

Manual driving lessons south of the river


Now that we have come into winter we need to drive to the conditions. Some quick tips, when it rains never drive with just park lights. Of course you will be able to see your gauges but can other drivers see you? The general rule is if your windscreen wipers are on then so are your headlights.
When you're ready to get started, sometimes it comes down to budget or how quickly you want to get your full licence. I have some doing a lesson once a fortnight, others twice a week. I have also had families book in for lesson packages. Can also help with further discounts for multiple starters. Have details further down.So, whether you're just starting out, have experience or just looking for a change, I can help you achieve your goals. This includes preparing for a PDA, building on your driving skills and keeping up to date with the road rules.Please text me, Rob, on 0409881835, if you call and don't get an answer it usually means I'm in a lesson. So name and number is best and will get back to you when I am free.

Single Lesson (1hr): $60

Double Lessons (2hrs): $110

5 Lesson Package (5hrs): $285

10 Lesson Package (10hrs): $540

Log Book Package (25hrs): $1350

Lesson/test (Perth Metro): $150

Double lesson/test (Perth Metro): $220

Lesson/test (Joondalup/Mandurah): $300

Also have people coming on board to do the back half of their log book, so contact me and discuss putting a plan together to suit your schedule. This includes country driving and different road conditions.

Cannington WA 6107, Australia
Victory Lane Driving Training
Cannington WA 6107, Australia
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