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Cooper Cowan

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Energy saving services

Serving the Perth Metro area, new build or established, Cooper Cowan can make your home more energy efficient. 

Save as much as 40%* on your energy bills with insulation installation, get ready for summer and beat the heat!


Roof space cleaning: performed as part of new insulation installation or to allow reno works or an attic fit out. We can remove and dispose of any exsisting installation. 

Roof space insulation installation: We often find that homes have been built to the minimum energy efficiency requirements at the time of building. Your roof space can atribute up to 35% of heat loss or gain and is the easiest target to increase your homes efficiency. 

Wall cavity insulation: Most homes in Perth lack any wall cavity insulation, however up to a quarter of heat is lost or gained through your homes walls.  

Roof space ventilation installation: Key to an efficient system in your home Cooper Cowan can install roof ventilation from Whirly Birds to solar powered smart rof vents. 

Tailored energy saving solutions: Not every home is the same! Give us a call to discuss your requirements and we will be more than happy to work with you to improve your home. 

15 Service Areas +
15 Service Areas +


J&J Robertson Insulation & Dust Removal is proud to help clients make their homes a safer place with expert insulation removal and insulation.

The business prevents sagging ceilings by thoroughly checking for blow-in insulation that has absorbed moisture.

It also removes dust, debris, old batts and supplies and installs new polyester batts.

An industrial vacuum is used to remove cellulose blow-in insulation and dust.

Strapping and plastering of ceilings and installation of down lights can also be facilitated.

Owner John has 15 years’ experience in the trade and prides himself on his attention to detail and care that is taken with every job.

John is committed to looking after clients’ properties, adhering to OH&S policies.

He can provide expert suggestion and advise if there are problems with the ceiling cavity such as insulation batts covering down lights or exposed electrical wires.

Clients can expect minimal disturbance and inconvenience, with all residual debris removed from the site and tiles or roof sheets put back into place.

Waste from dust removal or blow-in removal is contained in an industrial bin and removed.

The family business aims to be as environmentally friendly as possible, only promoting products John would be happy to use in his own home.

The business serves customers in all areas of Perth.

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