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Australian Insulation Foundation Ltd (AIFWA)

Roof insulation, Wall insulation, Ceiling insulation
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A Housing Sustainability initiative - Helping Vulnerable Communities

Welcome to AIFWA!

Choose us to remove old insulation and install new insulation. 

We also offer re-strapping and ceiling propping.

Why choose us?

We are great at our job, clean and reliable. And only install good quality insulation, such as Knauf Earthwool. 

We are also a Not for Profit and Charity. Every dollar per square metre goes directly to vulnerable communities. 

How does this work?

It’s simple, we insulate your home and all proceeds from your installation will provide FREE thermal insulation for Social Housing households in WA. Aussie in social housing are some of the most vulnerable communities in Australia. 

We are a Housing Sustainability Initiative. Help us, help Aussies. 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AIFcharity/

Website: www.aifwa.org.au

About us.

We will only install Knauf EarthWool: http://www.knaufinsulation.com.au/en/content/earthwool-ceiling-batts

Prices for the following product.

Knauf EarthWool R4, 195mm x 430mm x 1160mm. Each bag covers 9 square metres. Supply and install R4 Knauf EarthWool Batts. From $12 .00 per m2. Pensioners rate offered.

Removal you’re of old insulation - From $7.00 per m2. 

Vacuuming, dust removal - From $5.00 per m2. 

Re-strapping/ Ceiling propping. quoted price.

We sell bags of insulations too! 

Knauf EarthWool R4 195mm x 430mm x 1160mm.- $ 53.00 per Bag - (Free delivery within 15 km)

Arrange for quote, today!

How is Knauf EarthWool insulation made:


Our Services Reviews: www.homeimprovementpages.com.au/connect/australianinsulationfoundation

Installing quality thermal Insulation will:

•   Improve your thermal internal comfort Naturally.

•   Improve your health.

•   Reduce your heating and cooling running cost.

•   Reduce your homes carbon footprint.

Don't take our word for it, consult the science here: http://icanz.org.au/benefits-of-insulation/

Thermal insulation acts as a super-blanket, on top of your ceiling.

Insulation significantly reduces heating and cooling usage, substantially decreases energy consumption and costs, and as such, your carbon footprint. 

Join other Australians in preparing their homes for climate change. Community carbon emission reduction starts from the grassroots. Install insulation, today. 

Rockingham WA 6168, Australia
Australian Insulation Foundation Ltd (AIFWA)
Rockingham WA 6168, Australia


J&J Robertson Insulation & Dust Removal is proud to help clients make their homes a safer place with expert insulation removal and insulation.

The business prevents sagging ceilings by thoroughly checking for blow-in insulation that has absorbed moisture.

It also removes dust, debris, old batts and supplies and installs new polyester batts.

An industrial vacuum is used to remove cellulose blow-in insulation and dust.

Strapping and plastering of ceilings and installation of down lights can also be facilitated.

Owner John has 15 years’ experience in the trade and prides himself on his attention to detail and care that is taken with every job.

John is committed to looking after clients’ properties, adhering to OH&S policies.

He can provide expert suggestion and advise if there are problems with the ceiling cavity such as insulation batts covering down lights or exposed electrical wires.

Clients can expect minimal disturbance and inconvenience, with all residual debris removed from the site and tiles or roof sheets put back into place.

Waste from dust removal or blow-in removal is contained in an industrial bin and removed.

The family business aims to be as environmentally friendly as possible, only promoting products John would be happy to use in his own home.

The business serves customers in all areas of Perth.

For a free written quote, call or visit www.jjrobertsoninsulation.com.au.

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