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ABMS Lawyers- Barristers & Solicitors

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Do it once, Do it right

All aspects of Family Law- including Divorce,  De facto relationships, Children, Property settlement, Binding Financial Agreements, Consent Orders, Court representation and litigation

All aspects of Commercial and Bussiness Law -including dipsutes resolution and litigation such as sale of bussiness, contracts  and commercial leases, Court Representation and General Litigation

All aspects of Corporate law including compliance, shares agreements and shareholder disputes, Director duties, Insolvency litigation, ASIC and other regulatory issues

8 Service Areas +
ABMS Lawyers- Barristers & Solicitors
8 Service Areas +

B Legal Lawyers

Arbitration, mediation and negotiation services, Litigation, Property, assets & liabilities

We visit our clients at their homes or work and offer fixed fee legal services

We visit you and offer fixed fee (see below for prices or visit: and hourly billing.

We practice in the following areas of law:

Claim Related Matters

Property Damage from:

  • Flooding
  • Fires / Bushfires
  • Gas explosions
  • Construction

Professional Indemnity

Assistance with maximising insurance claims

Uninsured loss claims

Assisting victims of bushfires and other disasters

Significant experience working with residents affected by the Margaret River, Roleystone and Parkerville bushfires

Product Liability

Aviation Claims:

  • Injury
  • Compensation to relatives
  • Baggage loss
  • Spray-drift
  • Hull claims
  • Delay

Personal Injury

Medical Negligence

Public Liability / Slip & Trip

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Criminal Injuries' Compensation


General Legal Matters

Commercial Law

Commercial Litigation

Contract Review


Wills & Estates

Independent Legal Advice for Guarantors

Fixed Fee Legal work 

(Extracted from my website for your ease of reference -

Loan Guarantor's Legal Advice


Wills and Estate Planning 

Basic Will

For people with minimal assets, uncomplicated financial and personal affairs and uncomplicated gift wishes.


Complex Will with Discretionary Testamentary Trusts

Provides the following benefits as required:

  • Maximum flexibility + tax efficiency
  • Testamentary trusts
  • Avoidance of the pitfalls of “simple” wills
  • Asset protection + tax minimisation
  • Passing of control over family trusts and SMSFs
  • Preservation of Centrelink entitlements
  • Control over child guardianship arrangements
  • Protection against potential disputes


Complex Will with Discretionary Testamentary Trusts


  • Rights of occupancy;
  • Beneficiary support trusts; and/0r
  • Special disability trusts.


General and Enduring Power of Attorney/s

$250 (or $150 with will)

Enduring Power of Guardianship

$250 (or $150 with will)

Probate and Letters of Administration


$350 + $338 court filing fee

Re-seal of a Foreign Grant of Probate

$750 + $338 court filing fee

Letters of Administration

$600 + $338 court filing fee


Loan or Loan Facility Agreement


  • Suits everything from simple loans to large-scale facilities.
  • Handles past and/or future advances.
  • Create a loan (specific advances) or a loan facility (line of credit)
  • Total control over interest and repayment terms

Promissory Note Deed (Legally Binding “IOU”)


  • Provide for interest to accrue on the debt, just as with a loan agreement.
  • The debt can be set to be repayable on a specified date, after a specified amount or time or on demand by the noteholder.
  • A promissory note is like a cheque in that it can be endorsed onwards by the noteholder, in which case the debt is transferred along with the note.

Mortgage for Private Lender

$850.65 inclusive of Landgate fee for copy of Certificate of Title ($24.85) and

Landgate filing fee ($165.80)

Employment Documents

Employment Contract (Full time, Part-time or Casual)


Independent Contractor Agreement


Service Agreement


Confidentiality Agreement (one-way or mutual)


Website Documents

Website Terms of Use


Privacy Policy


Returns Policy


Company Documents

Co-ownership Agreement / Shareholders’ Deed


Execution of Documents (director approvals package)


Power of Attorney (execution of documents)


Appointment of Company Officers (director approvals package)


Resignation of Company Officers (director approvals package)


Change of Company Name (shareholder approvals package)


Adoption or Replacement of Constitution (shareholder approvals package)


Constitution for Proprietary Company Limited by Shares



Confidentiality Agreement (one-way or mutual)


Guarantee of Contractual Obligations – Deed of Guarantee


Intellectual Property

Testimonial Release and Consent (consent to use quote, image and/or recording)


Como WA 6152, Australia
B Legal Lawyers
Como WA 6152, Australia
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