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Carpet Cleaning / Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning / Upholstery Cleaning

Having your carpet or upholstery professionally cleaned in your family home is a perfect way to keep your home healthy and free of any nasty germs or bugs that may live deep within your carpet. Aside from this benefit, having clean and freshly laid looking carpet and upholstery makes your home look and feel newer than what it really is. When we vacuum our carpets, we only clean the surface, not deep down. If your carpet or upholstery has stains on it then carpet and upholstery cleaning - Perth is a more cost-effective way to clean your carpet, rather than replacing the entire area.

Professional carpet and upholstery cleaning - Perth can be used and provided to almost any area or surface in your home that you require cleaning. From couches to carpets and upholstery, sometimes leather goods can be cleaned as well as mattresses, depending on the level of service your carpet and upholstery cleaner - Perth offers.

Most carpet and upholstery cleaners - WA will use an environmentally friendly chemical when cleaning your carpet. Not only will this care for the environment, but it won’t be putting nasty or strong chemicals through your home. This is something to consider if you have babies or small children who may spend a lot of time crawling on carpet. Ensuring that they don’t come into contact with these chemicals should be considered.

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Dudley Park Carpet Steam Cleaning

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Carpets should be cleaned for at least once a year because we care about your comfort!

Dudley Park Carpet Steam Cleaning offers a unique service that will visit your home, apartments, offices and even boats and a lot more to clean carpets, rugs, mattresses and lounge suites. This cleaning services have been working in a peel region since 1983. And we are  the number 1 choice of steam cleaning specialist of rugs, carpets, mattresses and lounge suites in Mandurah. Over the years of cleaning experiences we do clean leather couches/lounge today and due to the high demand of our carpet cleaning services we officially caters a cleaning service all over Perth areas. We guarantee you a good deals and great service!
Dudley Park WA 6210, Australia
Dudley Park Carpet Steam Cleaning
Dudley Park WA 6210, Australia

Refresh Carpet Dry Cleaning Services

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Expert service for a great price

IICRC registered (Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certificate)

Available for:

  • Carpet and rug cleaning
  • Hard floor cleaning
  • Upholstery and leather cleaning
  • Mattress cleaning
  • Curtain cleaning
  • Flood damage restoration

Call Albert for a quote today on 94375761
30 Service Areas +
Refresh Carpet Dry Cleaning Services
30 Service Areas +


Carpet stain removal, Upholstery & leather cleaning, Mattress cleaning, Upholstery steam cleaning, Carpet dry cleaning, Upholstery dry cleaning


We are a Carpet Dry cleaning business and specialize in Commercial and Domestic Carpet Dry cleaning,Upholstery Dry Cleaning, Mattress Cleaning, Car Upholstery. and Leather Seats clean and conditioning.  SERVICE from $49 inc GST

Our Dry Cleaning system is proven to be very effective and Gentle to Carpets and Upholstery. it is a Dry extraction  process that will equal or better Steam cleaning results. Leaving them both Clean, Sanitised and Conditioned.  Quick drying.

Usually dry in 1-2 hrs even in Winter!

All Chemicals used are both Child, Pet and enviro friendly and safe, widely used in Hospitals and Care Homes alike.

No bad after smells or over wetting as in steam cleaning.
Most of our work comes from repeats and referrals, give us a try, you'll be glad you did!

26 Service Areas +
26 Service Areas +


Deep Steam Carpet Cleaning. Carpets Rugs Upholstery. Tile Slate and Grout. Special Rates Great Results.


Carpet Cleaning. Special $80: For 4 rooms or 4 seats


Professional carpet and tiles cleaning service by Perth's ONLY fully trained and qualified female carpet cleaning specialist.


The professional team at MK Carpet Cleaning can have your home or property looking fresh and spotless thanks to its expertise and modern equipment.

The business offers a truck mounted steam clean for carpets as well as cleaning upholstery, grout and tiling.

Having worked with real estate companies and upheld their strict cleaning standards, the business’s vacate/end of lease cleaning services ensure immaculate results.

Owner Matthew has spent 12 years in the carpet cleaning industry and has a wealth of knowledge in the most effective cleaning tools.

Matthew said he and his team were required to stay up to date on the latest carpet cleaning technologies.

“We are certified carpet cleaning technicians trained to meet the industry standards, which are internationally recognised,” he said.

The business prides itself on its reliability and personalised service.

“We provide exceptional service and quality.”

Matthew said a large proportion of his business came from repeat customers and referrals, emphasising his reputation for superior results.

The business offers value for money, is fully insured and police cleared.

MK Carpet Cleaning services residential and commercial clients in Perth’s western and southern suburbs.


Combining state of the art equipment and a dedication to customer service, Nice ‘N’ Clean can have carpets, lounge suites and dining chairs in top condition.

Owner-operator Gordon has more than 30 years of experience in the industry and pays close attention to detail in every job he undertakes.

The business uses a truck mounted steam cleaner to ensure the best possible result for carpets and furniture.

“It’s a lot more powerful than portable machines and you get a much better clean out of it,” Gordon said.

Gordon prides himself on delivering high quality work.

“I won’t walk away until I’m happy with the job,” he said.

The majority of Gordon’s clients have been referred to him, highlighting his reputation for reliability and efficiency.

Nice ‘N’ Clean caters to clients in most areas of Perth, mainly operating between Byford, Midland, Fremantle and Balcatta.

For more information, call Gordon or visit the Facebook page.

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