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Rubbish Removal

Rubbish Removals

There are many occasions when the simple household bin is insufficient for your needs. Perhaps you are moving house, renovating or have replaced bulky appliances. Even if you happen to have a trailer there is likely to be a great deal of awkward and heavy lifting involved in removing your old items plus you will face the resulting tip fees. If you order a skip not only will you have to pay a significant fee but you run the risk of passers-by filling it before you. Whatever the rubbish, your local rubbish removalist is here to take it off your hands efficiently and easily.

If you’re renovating or upgrading your house there are many items that are too big or too heavy to be easily disposed of.

If you have a new refrigerator your local rubbish crew can remove the old one safely from your home and make sure it is disposed of in an environmentally safe manner.

If you are replacing your carpet many rubbish removal experts can remove the old carpet for you before carting the heavy rolls away and sparing your back the weight. Old furniture and mattresses can be awkward – too bulky for your trailer or too oddly shaped for your skip – so call the professionals to take care of it quickly and efficiently for you so you can go on to enjoy your new couch, bed or table.

They take away the rubbish and take away the stress; call your local rubbish removalist today.


Welcome to Putitin Bins, we are a rubbish removal company serving Perth clients. We also have a wide range of skip bins available for hire in sizes ranging from 4 up to 12 cubic metres. Our friendly and experienced staff members can assist you with finding the right size for your needs. We supply bins to residents south of the river, in areas such as:

Whether you are renovating, building, moving, or simply redecorating your home or office; chances are that you will find yourself running out of bin space, very quickly. If you need help getting rid of your waste, then have the perfect solution for you: skip bins. From us you can hire large sized bins that can take your big and bulky waste.

To find out more about our range of rubbish removal services, or to enquire about skip bin hire, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. Simply call us now on 08 9397 1067 

30 Service Areas +
30 Service Areas +

South Coast Skips

FREE Scrap Battery and Air Con Pickup Service
Locally Owned and Operated
Rockingham and all Surrounding Areas
Prompt and Reliable Service
15 Service Areas +
15 Service Areas +

Leber Bin

Green waste removal, Industrial waste removal, Junk removal, Recycling services, Scrapmetal removal, Skip bin hire

Remember, Just give us a call and we'll LEBER BIN with you!!

Being locally owned and operated Leber Bin knows what you as a customer wants!!

When we LEBER BIN with you, it is always done in a profesional manner and as timely as possible.

We cater for all builders, contactors, business, residential, commercial & industrial customers.

There's no customer too big or too small. 

And best of all....


Leber Bin is committed to recycling, we send very little to the landfill.

Leave our earth Green, let us LEBER BIN with you!!

Support your local business follow our page for Waste Education, Recycling tips and current promotions.
30 Service Areas +
30 Service Areas +


With an extensive fleet of machines and equipment, Trenchbusters can help with virtually any earthmoving project free of hassle.

Available services include soil shifting, pad preparation, trenching, moving brick packs, installation of storm water tanks and leach drains, soakwells, paving preparation, site clean-ups, rock breaking, car park and paving preparation and more.

All equipment is serviced frequently and replaced every few years to ensure clients’ safety and a quality result.

Machinery includes but is not limited to bobcats, positraction skid steer loaders, mini excavators, front end loaders, tip trucks, compactors and rollers, all with a range of attachments.

For emergency situations, a team of fitters, welders, and other professionals are able to quickly and efficiently repair equipment, helping to get the job done on-time.

We work with builders, plumbers, electricians, landscapers, drainers, and more.

All operators are highly experienced and a team of subcontractors are experienced in a wide range of industries to facilitate many different projects.

We have established strong relationships with our suppliers including Kubota, Hitachi, Doosan, Toyota, John Deere, Bomag, Wacker, and others.

They provide us with constant upgrades and new models so that you get the best equipment on the market.

The team can answer any queries and help clients find the machine best suited for their needs.

Rubbish Rangers

Skip bins from just $140 full service rubbish removal from just $50. Great prices and great service.


The team at Mini Bins can help take the stress out of your clean-up or renovation project by providing helpful and reliable service.

Specialising in 2m³ bins and restricted access areas, the business is committed to facilitating clients’ rubbish removal needs.

Owner Blair took control of the business after his father, who founded it 25 years ago.

The business has experience working with a range of tradespeople, and is passionate about supporting local business.

Mini Bins eliminates the need for trailer hire and various trips to the tip.

The team is reliable, efficient and professional at all times, ready to provide friendly advice about any rubbish removal issues or answer questions about bin guidelines.

Waste is transported to an accredited site and recycled where possible.

The family business services domestic and commercial clients in Perth’s northern suburbs.

To find out how Mini Bins can help, call Blair and the team or visit their website for more information.


Allmetro Bins provides waste disposal services to construction, residential and demolition sites all over the Perth metro aea.

Whether you need to remove rubbish, green or household waste, our team respond to all bookings as efficiently as possible and strive to satisfy urgent requests within the day.

Our hardy and reliable bins come in a variety of sizes from 2 to 12 cubic metres, so you’re bound to find the right bin for your job.

We recycle approximately 80 per cent of all waste, ensuring your disposal is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Contact us today to organise your waste disposal.

We are committed to efficient service and pride ourselves on our repeat customer base.


BDI Skip Bins has your waste removal needs covered, offering five different sized bins for hire.

The 2m skip bin is provided without a door and holds about 3.3 trailer loads, the 3m bin has a ramp for easy wheelbarrow access and holds about 4.6 trailer loads. The 4.5m, 6m, and 8m bins also have ramps, and hold about 7, 9.2, and 12.3 trailer loads respectively.

The friendly and professional staff can help you chose the right bin for you according to your waste removal and budget requirements.

The WA-owned business concentrates on servicing residential and commercial customers in Perth’s southern suburbs to maximise the possibility of same day service. All online bin requests are answered within 24 hours so you can take care of your rubbish removal as soon as possible.

Despite being competitively priced, the team at BDI Skip Bins doesn’t skimp on exceptional customer service or product quality.


Rubbish Removal & Recycling. 23& 4 metre bins. Friendly local owner/operator.

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