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Carpet Man Perth

Carpet damage, Carpet re-stretching, Carpet re-fitting, Re-laying used carpet, Carpet water damage, Carpet fire damage, Carpet sewage damage, Damaged carpet replaced, Vinyl flooring, Invisible carpet mending, Carpet underlay

Carpets carpets and anything to do with carpets

At Carpet man Perth we cater for everything Carpet  from the smallest of detail to the larger job 0416430306

Carpet Re-Stretch

Carpets that come loose are caused by the carpet not been stretched enough often becoming loose and dangerous, it is time for a restretch using a power stretcher machine often fixed in hours and leaving the carpet looking new again but do not leave it to long as the harder the carpet backing gets the harder it is Re-Stretch

You do not have to completely clear the room to do this normally the furniture can be moved around the carpet 25 years’ experience don’t settle for a knee kicker re-stretch the ripples will return if not done properly.

Carpet Repair

We can Repair almost any kind of carpet from the most common an iron burn where someone has used a hot iron to do there ironing on the carpet

Pot plants, Dog or cats clawing or chewing at the carpet.

Heavy furniture indentations, Walls removed.

These all need a piece inserted normally we can take this from a wardrobe

Fix Up Carpet Doorways

This work is carried out normally after you have had new tiles laid or wood floors you need the doorway carpet fixed up to finish to your new floor covering it may require a new Trim accessories.

We carry a few different styles to finish off on board or we can order in for you.

Carpet Laying

We lay all types of carpet whether you have already purchased or need new carpet we have a great range of Solution Dyed Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene, Wool etc Also quality Underlays

I buy in Rolls of carpet and import saving you $$$$

Best Prices Best Products Low Overheads Means Low Prices

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Carpet Man Perth
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